Bulmers company and beverage conglomerate merger

UP TO 35 JOBS are set to be lost at cider company Bulmers following an internal reorganisation, TheJournal.ie has learned.

The jobs will be lost due to a restructuring of Bulmers’ commercial team after its parent company, C&C Group, purchased the Gleesons Group, another drinks manufacturer based in Bulmers’ native Tipperary.

The €12.4 million purchase – which boosted C&C’s Irish workforce from over 200 to nearly 800 – will see Bulmers’ commercial team integrated with that of the Gleesons Group, which markets soft drinks including Finches, Country Spring, Cadet and Score, as well as Bavaria beer.

A spokesman for the C&C Group confirmed that the Bulmers commercial team, of over 70 people, would be transferred to Gleesons from June 28.

While the group said it could not confirm the number of redundancies as a result of the transfer – as it will first enter a period of consultation with the employees effected – it is believed that the final number will be just over 30.

“The integration is necessary to safeguard and protect as many jobs as possible in the enlarged group following the acquisition of Gleesons, which has more than trebled C&C’s workforce in Ireland,” the spokesman said.

The Bulmers staff involved in the arrangement were informed of the transfer on Wednesday.

The C&C Group spokesman said Bulmers’ Clonmel operation remained a “key manufacturing asset” of the group – and that speculation that the manufacturing base there could be closed was “absolutely not the case”.

The internal reorganisation affects only commercial staff, and does not involve any manufacturing staff from the Bulmers company.

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Refrigerator noise

The refrigerator is one of the household electrical appliances each family essential, its noise has been one of the troubled user problems, always ringing non-stop, not only affects the rest also affected the mood. However, a lot of the refrigerator is in the long-term use suddenly there was a noise, but people did not know why. Today Xiaobian for reasons of refrigerator noise we count down, from the source, to help you easily solve the annoying problem premiumngifts.com/hk-business-gift.html.

The cause of the noise of the refrigerator has three:

Refrigerator position. Refrigerator placed at the uneven ground or position is not stable, is the cause of noise common refrigerator. The solution is to move the adjusting screw, refrigerator at the bottom of the height adjustment, the adjustment screw contact to the ground, legs contact is the best.

The top of the refrigerator with goods. Refrigerator and placed on top of things will resonate in the motor starting, thus making noise. Remove the top items, which does not produce resonance, noise is eliminated.

There are little things into the refrigerator at the back of the machine part. The rear part of the machine ( the lower part of the refrigerator behind the refrigerator ) fell into the small things, such as caps, lighter, gadgets and so on, will produce noise. The solution: cut off the refrigerator power will fall into the small things and the noise will disappear premiumngifts.com/hk-executive-gift.html.

The expert explained: the fundamental function of the refrigerator is to extend the preservation time of food. The refrigerator should be quiet and fresh. So we in the requirement of low noise at the same time, more attention should be paid to the preservation effect. Not in the silent and mute.

In addition, now manufacturers manufacturers have let the refrigerator noise to less than 42 dB, the noise reduction of 1-2 DB gap of the brand, the equivalent of a needle to fall to the ground voice. According to the relevant regulations promulgated by the state, the refrigerator noise value must not exceed 52 db premiumngifts.com/hk-advertising-premium.html.

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Processing method of cleaner clogging

Use a vacuum cleaner appearing the most problems are not absorbing problem, also is the cleaner trachea blocked image. This is mainly in the use of the time did not pay attention to clean up some larger pieces of paper, resulting in cleaner jam not dust. So, if encounter cleaner clogging, should be how to solve teco electric motor ac?

First of all, we know that using the principle of cleaner, motor operation caused by low pressure area is formed in the bag dust filter. According to the principle of airflow, the formation of internal and external pressure difference, by using the pressure difference between inside and outside, the dust and debris in turn through the long nozzle, pipe, hose, hose connectors into the dust bag, dust and other debris stuck in the dust filter bag, the air passes through the filter after purification, discharged from the body tail, because the gas is heated by the motor, so the tail gas cleaner exhaust is hot. If dust bag full, without timely cleaning, vacuum cleaner suction will be obviously decreased; time will cause blockage, no suction. Because the suction abate, easy to cause in the bends, suction corner bends and hose connector plug. At the same time, if the motor running in this case can not get the full heat, work for a long time, will cause damage to the motor;

So dust bag dust filter is the most simple but full not cleared, cleaner blockage may also appears the following phenomenon, the user may wish to look for yourself:

1, check the hose, suction nozzle: microporous dust bag interface or dust bag may be blocked. If so, should open the vacuum cleaner hose, shake off the dust, cleaning the nozzle or dust bag suction nozzle blockage, or replacement of the dust collecting bag teco dc motor speed control.

2, may be a dust filter bag dust filter bag dust filter: a flannel system easily stained with dust and blocking occurs, this time as long as the jitter shake gray frame will shake the dust can be velvet bag.

3, may be between vacuum cleaner cover and shell is sealed and lax. The top cover and the shell should check whether there are cracks, the screws are tightened.

4, may be between the electric motor and the vacuum cleaner is not tightly sealed. We should check the motor around the screw and washer, loose shall be cushion screw, gasket defects should be replaced.

5, may be the dust to brush hair is worn, although the rotating brush motor, but have no dust, so the force is very weak. At this time, will turn to brush down, adjust the brush assembly position, the rotating brush the ground tightly, rotational energy full dust, such as serious wear and tear, it can replace the new brush.

6, may be the fan blades are not fastened. When the fan is on the motor shaft sliding, also affect the cleaning effect. The positioning screw fan blade screw tightening PC Remote Control.

In the process of using cleaner, once found there is blockage of straw, should be immediately shutdown inspection, the removal of foreign bodies continue to use. When in use, the hose nozzle and the connecting rod interface fastening, particularly in small crevice nozzle, the floor brush, special attention should be paid to.

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Gift packing box when slimming

During the Spring Festival, people visit relatives and friends, not to give each other Christmas gifts, in order to make themselves appear to have the face, a lot of people on the packaging exquisite gift box ten favor. But the reporter visited found, " excessive packaging box, small commodities " looks decent, actually let the sender under additional economic pressure, the recipient cannot get material benefit, also virtually caused a lot of " beautiful waste " Hong Kong Gifts and Premium.

The phenomenon of the "2 of two tea 1 kg packaging " Spring Festival gift packaging waste

During the Spring Festival, live in the city of Taoyuan Road residents Mr. Cao received a box of tea by my friend and two bottles of red wine. Mr. Cao said, two piece gift packing is very beautiful, the box volume is not small. But he found the net content of only 100 grams of tea, and should contain 4 layers of packaging, the outermost layer is a handbag, then the hard cardboard box, open the box, and the inside is a small box two barrel, then open before seen with the plastic packing bag compression packaging of tea. And two bottles of wine packaging has also made Mr. Cao feel very wasteful, " first fine paper bag, and then carved wooden box, open the box, can be seen lying on the yellow silk red wine, is really a big set of packets, layer after layer, complicated and not affordable. "

Mr. Cao said, in fact, gift is not how much, but a way of expressing the mind, it is a bag of tea, a bottle of red wine, has been packaged so complex, " seem to be flashy without substance ", who were thrown away boxes and cartons have been wasted Grandmart promotional premium.

Reporter visited the city several large supermarkets found, in order to cater to the giver " face " psychological, gift packaging generally go " luxury ", whether it is a few yuan cookies, milk, cakes and other food, or 100 yuan of liquor, wine, tea, during the Spring Festival all dressed in three layers the three layer of the " beautiful coat ". Some of the usual common special purchases for the Spring Festival, such as eggs, rice, sugar, dried fruit, etc., are put on the " beautiful coat ".

View gift packaging need slimming " beautiful waste " the stop

"It is ordinary food, often have several layers of packaging is really not necessary, too wasteful! " Wang said, the holiday period, their gift, almost all with packaging, in addition to the most simple carton packaging, there are wooden packing box, metal materials, exquisite carving of the packing box and so on, even received a box of eggs in soil, there are two layers of packaging, but these packaging no matter how beautiful, the majority were thrown into the trash, pity.

During the Spring Festival, many special purchases for the Spring Festival luxury packaging, " beautiful garbage " wasteful and excessive packaging, gift box is necessary also became a public hot topic. The reporter interviewed a number of members of the public found, in addition to some consumers think that buying gift is to send people, nice packaging is a face, the majority of people expressed " excessive packaging has no practical value, but also a waste of resources, it is not necessary! "

In a business unit of work citizen Ms. Pan said, the spring festival gifts, will specially selected those beautifully wrapped gift box, but he also knew that there is a common food. " In fact, gift box price obviously a lot of expensive, do not benefit. " Ms. Pan said, excessive packaging increases the gifts on both sides of the costs, if the gift box packaging can thin thin, everybody also buy paperback gift, will give to both reduce a lot of pressure Grandmart advertising premium.

Restrictions on excessive packaging of food packaging is not more than 3 layer

In fact, according to our wine, cakes, health food, beverage, cosmetics and other excessive packaging phenomenon is more serious problems, as early as in 2010, the country has already issued " limit commercial requirements -- food and cosmetics " standard of excessive packaging, to limit excessive packaging.

Three index of the standard air voids on food and cosmetics sales packing rate, number and cost made mandatory, respectively is the packaging layer all the packing cost sum of 3 layer below, voidage packaging shall not be greater than 60%, the initial packaging shall not exceed 20% of the price of goods sold.

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Go out wearing skills

Go out to solve the problem without outside the basic necessities of life, said the first coat.

1, regardless of Chun Xiaqiu winter I would take a professional climbing jackets, its unique base and coating it with windproof waterproof Cheap baby clothes is most partents and breathable function, but also very durable, cold wind, summer is stacked in the bag when the raincoat standby. As the coat it is the best choice, especially in harsh environments more quality. Just climbing jacket is more expensive (genuine ranging from 1500-2500 yuan, the brand has GORE-TEX, THE NORTH FACE, OZARK ), these brands also have popular windbreaker, quality is good, price is much cheaper, but also windproof and waterproof breathable coating, just a little thin, durability slightly less, the regulating function of clothes a little less. This is the coat.

2, choose the best warm layer is a down jacket, but the choice should be pay attention to, hand to see if soft. I usually put down jacket to wear the jacket inside, so the down jacket fabric as light as possible, and fold folded smaller is better ( in the backpack for small size ), I choose the OZARK a down jacket, thin fabric is very soft, very good in the pressure down, as the air after folding can be stacked to a very small. Grasping the sweater is a good warm clothing, and it can be with the jacket chain together to use, very convenient. I also took a windproof vest ( a wind-proof layer, one side is fleece ), increase the thermal effect.

3, please do not choose cotton underwear, in local activities in the cotton underwear is a killer. So be sure to choose a professional perspiration underwear, even in the warm season also try to use the perspiration function good clothing. Summer travel I like wearing tennis shirts, Baby wear online need know some advise sweat it's function is very good, but the style is also good.

4, I like to wear trousers of a NIKE on the outside of the training pants, waterproof and breathable ( of course performance is less than pants ), but the two leg of the lateral open zipper, in very hot when I can 't take off shoes don't sit down even the backpack without dismounting can take off the pants. Grasping the trousers as warm pants, and provides excellent a close-fitting close-fitting trousers. In the summer vacation I try not to wear shorts, especially to places with water.

5, the hat : go to a cold place must take the hat, because the human body more than 50% of the heat loss from the head and neck. Cold and windy duckbill cap is not used, I use the fleece with ear hat, buy from baby clothes online at the top of the rope loosen down could be a scarf with. It is a very good choice a warm place to wear cap.

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